Milestone Realty

Buying and selling real estate are most likely the biggest transactions in your life with many emotions and great anticipation. This is why the things we do can significantly impact the lives of people. Therefore, Milestone Realty emphasizes the importance of building relationships and maintaining integrity, while fostering a genuine attitude of enjoyment to help our clients.

Why is milestone Realty in the real estate business?

It's the ability to enable people to build new memories. It's more than buying and selling real estate. It's about helping people start the next exciting stage of their lives.

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Core Values

✓ Stewardship
✓ Passion
✓ Encouragement
✓ Celebrating Successes
✓ Accountability
✓ Having Fun

Your Broker

Residential Real Estate Broker

ACD Profile

Andrew Chao

Andrew is a Residential Real Estate Broker representing BLVD Immobilier. He started the brand Milestone Realty to emphasize the importance of his clients’ next life stage and the positive impact that real estate transactions can bring to their lives.

Born and raised in Montreal, Andrew grew up in Ville Saint-Laurent and now residing in the West Island. His background is in marketing helping businesses in the immigration sector. Based on being a second generation Canadian and his work experience, Andrew has developed a strong desire to help people establish a better future for their families.

Married with a son, Andrew is quickly learning the importance of providing a home for his family that is suitable for their needs where they can build fond memories together.

Andrew enjoys playing tennis and guitar. He is not great at either of them which is why he is not touring as a professional tennis player or as a famous rock star but you can count on him to help you with real estate activities.


BLVD Immobilier

BLVD Office

Why BLVD Immobilier?

Andrew is working under the real estate agency called BLVD Immobilier. He chose BLVD because they support their brokers like no other agencies out there. What makes them a little different from others such as RE/MAX, Sutton and Royal LePage is that they provide the sense of belonging in a family where everyone supports one another to best help brokers serve their clients.